Athletic Dealers of America

P.A.I.D. Program

P.A.I.D Program
(Performance Activated Incentive Dividend)

The A.D.A. initiated a program in July 1990 to give back to dealerships who place their orders at our show, a  rebate. The rebate will be used to offset their expenses for attending the next show. This is REQUIRED for all Show Vendors .

This entire effort is designed to increase orders placed at our sessions. The P.A.I.D. program has been a tremendous success at our past shows.
P.A.I.D. DELIVERS RESULTS! Many vendors have had dramatic increases in written orders.
You can consider it an advertising or promotional program that only lasts during the show.

The A.D.A. will provide each dealer with tracking sheets to record orders placed at the show. When a dealer places an order with you, you merely write your company name, the 2% rebate amount, and sign the form. We will provide you with a tracking form for your records. The A.D.A. collects the sheets from the dealers at the end of the session. Both dealers and vendors will be sent statements of their activity shortly after the buying session. There will be ample time to verify all totals.

Each participating company will be billed the following year, with terms of NET 20 days. Each dealership will be issued a check for the entire amount in his account less a 5% record keeping/service charge retained by the A.D.A. There are no additional costs to the company or dealership. 2% P.A.I.D. rebates are to be predicated on payment in terms if a dealer pays you late, no rebate is due.

Please fill out the P.A.I.D Program Contract included in the show package if your firm has received an Invitation to attend the ADA Show. Note that no percentage other than 2% is allowed.

If you have questions regarding the program, please contact the A.D.A. office.