Athletic Dealers of America

Statement of Policies


Under Article 7 of our constitution the A.D.A. office guarantees  inter-dealer, catalog, and internet invoice guarantee. We constantly monitor the credit worthiness of each member. If payment performance does not meet the standard set in Article 8 of our constitution, the membership of a dealer is terminated. Article 7 & 8 are available to our suppliers upon request.

PROGRAM FEES: All costs associated with the development and implementation of programs are paid by the membership in the form of membership service fees. 

FACTORY REPRESENTATIVES: The A.D.A. recognizes and respects the representative system within our industry. We work within that system in implementing programs.

PROGRAM BASIS: The A.D.A. is not primarily interested in one shot price purchases. Since our stores are specialty type and service oriented, our objective is to form a partnership with a company or product line fostering a communication link and making possible the service our customers require without the historic inventory loading system common to our industry, but not workable in today's economy. One shot or closeouts are handled by our dealer intranet site.

The A.D.A. understands that any program to be successful must be as beneficial to the supplier as it is to the membership. The A.D.A. office, the resources and market information of the entire market strategy. Mutual profitability through innovative programs and marketing concepts becomes a reality with direct communications between dealers and suppliers.

The A.D.A. will work to improve our chosen industry. We will make every effort to make and keep it profitable, respectable and a pleasure to be associated with our organization.